Harmonica Pop Blues & Jazz

Ambient and Looping


I never concentrated in just one style but was always interested in different kinds of music and also in art / video art / multimedia. On the sub-pages of this one you will find samples of my musical work over the past years, or better say "decades". From Rock to meditative Ambient-Sounds to acoustic jazzy tracks. Also check out the new noisy Rock stuff by Christo Jota & The Pills !
In 2018 I started painting and making fotos of Köln (Cologne) the city I live in and fotos of my

daily life. I like paintings and fotos/videos as a possibility to express myself.

Short Biography: Christo was the guitarist/singer of the Cologne based Prog-Rock Band ZEITLOOP. From 2002 to 2006 the group released 3 CD´s. After this creative band project Chris recorded 4 solo albums - loop-music, tribal-electronic, soundscapes - as CHRISTO JOTA  Following an (Ambient-) CD with trumpet-/keyboard-musician d:on:m.

Christo and Donald

with Zeitloop in the beginning of new century

with my favourite looping-device

Christo in New York

Cover Songs

I play the songs from my favourite artists for quite a long time. I love Lou Reed,Bob Dylan and stuff like that. But also Jazz-Standards from Django Reinhardt and others.
Find some Cover-Versions here.