As guitarist of the Experimental-Rock-Band "Zeitloop“ from Cologne/Germany CHRISTO JOTA released 3 CD´s between 2000 and 2006: „"Weihnachten in der Sahara“ /Sysyphus, „"Marrakesch“(Fünfundvierzig/Indigo) und „"Stone Age“ (Tribal Stomp/Cargo). "Stone Age" marked a change of style already: turning away from classic Rock with vocals to a more experimental Instrumental way. On the following 6 Solo-CD´s of Christo Jota he stayed that way: experimental guitar music, mixed with electronic and ambient sounds.
Current album "Urban Jungle" features 5
easy listening Smooth Jazz-Guitar tracks.
Christo Jota - Solo-Albums:
"Mantra" (2006-Tribal Stomp)
"Moondog" (2008-Fuego)
"Klangwellen 1" (2009-Fuego)
"Guitar Looping 2" (2009-Fuego)
"Contemplation" (with d:on:m 2010-Fuego)
"Urban Jungle"(2021-Fuego)