New experimental Rock album: Christo Jota & The Pills Recorded in 2016 and 2017 it was time for something new. Raw, experimental, noisy. You can´t beat 2 guitars,bass and drums.
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Chris Jaeker - aka CHRISTO JOTA - is an experimental guitarist/musician from Cologne/Germany. Christo  is using loop technique for his music. Listen to "I saw Jigsaw" on the left. A new track from March 2018. It´s improvised with no overdubs using a Boss Loop station, a few devices like Delay, Octaver etc. and a drum-machine which is also looped.
Some  history: Christo was the guitarist/singer with the Cologne based Prog-Rock Band ZEITLOOP. From 2002 to 2006 the group released 3 CD´s. After this creative band project Chris recorded 4 solo albums - loop-music, tribal-electronic, soundscapes - as CHRISTO JOTA  Following an (Ambient-) CD with trumpet-/keyboard-musician d:on:m. You can find some MORE TRACKS HERE.